In the summer of 2019 I had the wonderful opportunity to design the brand identity for the Vizor Roleplaying System. Along with creating the logo and some spot illustrations, I designed the layout for the game manual and character sheet to be used when playing a Vizor campaign. Exhibited below are the logo, illustrations, character sheet, and a few samples from the game manual.

The Vizor System uses Dynamic Character Generation in conjunction with a percentile dice system to create a naturally evolving gameplay experience free from annoying and cumbersome charts and rules. 

Vizor is adaptable with any genre, any time period, with minimum time fussing with books and rules.  More time spent in the joy of discovery.  With just one small change to the included Character Sheet, you can move your story and players from horror to fantasy to hard-core military sci fi. Vizor is a property of Crenshupiter Networks Inc.

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