Susque View Farm Brand Identity

Susque View Farm is a small scale, family-owned, Pennsylvania farm specializing in naturally grown, sustainable, nutrient dense produce. The client's vision was inspired by rustic wood block prints and a down-to-earth feel. I tried to synthesize their vision into one cohesive logo with many different applications. Included in this page are the primary, secondary, and tertiary marks along with two other alternative concepts that didn't end up being used.

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Additional Concepts

The original square orientation of the logo we eventually decided on. The client liked this, but we agreed that the economy of space in the landscape orientation made more sense.

A colour blocked approach. The vertical stripes in this version echo a flag, hinting at the farm's passion and excitement for international foods and cooking.

A more modern approach. The client and I agreed that while we liked this design, it didn't align as strong with the farm's rural, rustic identity.

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