Brews N' Bites Rebrand

This cozy independently owned coffee shop and eatery began as an internet cafe back in 2003. However now that nearly every cafe is effectively an internet cafe, I thought I'd make the old new again! Taking my inspiration from 1960's beat poetry illustrations and typography, I wanted to breathe new life into this well-loved establishment. Describing itself as a "bastion of music, art, great food and free speech," this quirky cafe now invites you to come on in and grab a bite!

*    *    *

Initial Concepts

The original concept, back when I was still using the 'Bytes' spelling. The 'N' in the center was meant to resemble a coffee bean,

A distressed rubber stamp style concept. Playing around with using an ampersand instead of the 'N', resulting in a coffee cup icon in the center.

A sweeter, more feminine concept, using the coffee apostrophe as the primary icon.

Getting closer, the coffee cup icon in this iteration of the logo became the primary inspiration for the visual language used throughout.

Using Format