Recently I was commissioned by Boil Line Coffee Co. in Danville, PA to create a custom design featured on one of their products. This unique silicone to-go cup, crafted by Sili Pints, is an eco friendly alternative to the traditional takeaway cup. Built to carry both hot and cold beverages, this cup was created with the consumer's activities in mind. While drafting this design, I thought about the different outdoor activities a Boil Line consumer would be able to participate in while enjoying their favourite latte or kombucha on the go! Since Boil Line is located in central Pennsylvania, I took a lot of inspiration from camping, fishing, biking, and other outdoor activities lots of PA natives and visitors alike are passionate about. The result is a fun and quirky collection of illustrated items one might see on an outdoor adventure. If you're interested, you can snag a cup for yourself here!

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