behold / beheld is a close examination of the variety of colours and textures present in the natural formations found in the Burren. Working primarily from memory, perception, and impression, I aimed to capture the rich physical landscape as it was experienced through my eyes. Harnessing the inherently tactile nature of embroidery and fiber arts, I developed a loose, painterly style emphasizing a variety of textural elements rather than the tight, regimented forms traditionally associated with the medium. Additionally, the inclusion of found objects including sheep’s wool, shells, and bone, allowed the materials themselves to dictate their use and integrate into the ‘landscape’ of the work. Throughout the process, it became important to me that I held each object in my hands and thoroughly examined it before including it in the work. This act of active observation rather than passive ‘looking,’ forced me to challenge my role as an outsider in the Burren, and evaluate what the surrounding landscape meant to me. 

behold / beheld was featured in the June 2019 exhibition 'Found Among the Branches' at the Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughan, Ireland. It now resides in a private collection.

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